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Welcome to our internal team progression frameworks.

Everything you see is built on Progression itself. As we grow we want to keep the opportunities and career paths at Progression open and transparent, and we'll be measuring ourselves by the expectations laid out in these roles.

These frameworks are a work in progress and intentionally kept lightweight so folks in our teams can help to define them as we hire.

We're hiring! Check progressionapp.com/careers for more.

If you have any questions about these frameworks or want to find out more about Progression, please do get in touch at hello@progressionapp.com.

Welcome to Progression's progression frameworks 👋

We're thrilled to be making our own progression frameworks public. Every framework you see here is comprised of skills available in our library, and many of the teams are also available as templates too.

For the Progression team: we accept improvements and feedback as we evolve our teams. Speak to Jonny or Neil if you spot a bug, omission or something that can be improved.